Motor Rewinds

Motor Rewinds

Automation Delivers Quality and Speed

Sidewinders is excited to announce that our brand-new SAMATIC 2780-EXT is installed, plugged in, and busy rewinding a variety of AC and DC motors!

Paul Taylor, Director of Engineering at SAMATIC

 Automatic Winding writes,

“We invented and perfected the SAMATIC automatic and intelligent winding machines with some very special tools that help winders to wind and fit motors in a fraction of the time, with minimal errors and in a pleasant and smooth process. The time saved is between 50 to 80 percent.”

The SAMATIC automatic coil winder can wind any motor, armature, or generator that incorporates mush (or random) winding—both stators and rotors. It offers impressive features, including the following:

  • Boasts pulling power for more than 20 wires of AWG12 in parallel (i.e., total of over 2″)
  • Winds DC coils up to 800 lbs. and 17.8″ width from AWG0 to AWG32
  • Automatic wire guidance for perfect layer winding—increases speed
  • Automatic wire tensioning eliminates any bows in the coils
  • Zero crossovers—Makes coil insertion faster and easier, with virtually zero chance of human error
  • Sleeves are released automatically as needed, which saves valuable connection time
  • Learning Mode: The SAMATIC machine “learns” (i.e., stores in memory) any standard or custom former specification with a simple key-pad setting
  • SAMATIC coils are more consistently and accurately sized than coils made using a manual winding machine

For DC motors, the SAMATIC coil winder features DC Wizard, a universal, automatic DC former. The DC Wizard allows Sidewinders to skip the time-consuming task of preparing forms for every single DC job. According to SAMATIC’s website, “The DC Wizard is a universal head, which means you can adjust it to any dimensions…it takes only 2 minutes to adjust the head, and it takes about 8-10 minutes to complete a 2″ by 8″ perfect field coil with double tapering. (Previously,) this task may (have taken) 8 hours.”

The benefits to Sidewinders are obvious. We will produce more coils faster and save on wasted wire costs. We expect the SAMATIC to repay our investment in short order, and it will support our mission to provide customers with the best possible quality.

How Will the SAMATIC Benefit Sidewinders’ Customers?

First off, understand that no matter how great a machine is, it can do nothing without a skilled operator. Herb Feise joined Sidewinders recently to be our lead winder of small motors and the primary operator of the SAMATIC. Herb has 25 years of experience in motor repair, particularly in winding. Herb is a terrific addition to our team. As well as being highly skilled, mild-mannered Herb is fanatical about quality. He attests that the SAMATIC is a great machine, and he is excited to use it each day to serve our customers. The fact that Herb is on our team is a definite benefit to our customers.

As we’ve said, the SAMATIC winding machine supplies consistently sized coils, without bowing, and with zero crossovers. Manual winding machines are much more likely to damage the copper, even if only in seemingly unimportant ways. The benefit to your business is that the SAMATIC’s operations avoid nicks or other damage to the copper wire, which in turn decreases the potential for failure. Clean, smooth copper makes turn-to-turn shorts extremely unlikely. The amazing quality of windings produced by SAMATIC keeps your rotating machinery going strong for a longer service life.

We are proud to state that a motor rewound by Sidewinders will run as well or better than it did when it was new. One reason we can make this claim is that OEMs use Class F insulation when they manufacture new machines, while Sidewinders uses Class H insulation. The following table shows that Class H insulation protects your windings 20-30% better than Class F insulation.

Insulation RatingInsulation ClassAverage Winding Temperature RiseHot Spot Temperature RiseMaximum Winding Temperature
Class 105A55° C65° C105° C
Class 150 or 130B80° C110° C150° C
Class 180F115° C145° C180° C
Class 200N130° C160° C200° C
Class 220H150° C180° C220° C

Note:   The maximum acceptable temperature rise is based on an average ambient temperature of 30° C during any 24-hour period and a maximum ambient of 40° C at any time.

SAMATIC’s Learning Mode, which stores specifications on each piece of equipment it winds, is a great benefit to customers whose motors eventually need to be rewound again and to customers who have multiple motors of the same type. Every time we wind one of those motors with the SAMATIC, the result will be as perfect and highly efficient as every other time.

As you may know, a premium efficiency electric motor requires a large number of coil turns per slot (a high “fill ratio”). They also are mostly concentric wound. SAMATIC coil winders come standard with adjustable concentric heads, guaranteeing perfect concentricity. SAMATIC’s automatic wire guidance and wire tensioning mean that your coils are precisely layered and distortion-free. These two facts mean that SAMATIC-wound coils produce the highest possible fill ratio, especially in the concentric windings. This is true for any coil shape. The higher the fill ratio, the more efficiently your premium efficiency electric motor will run directly impacting your bottom line.

Sidewinders looks forward to serving your motor maintenance and refurbishment needs. Call or write for more information or a quote: (801)250-6267 or [email protected].


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