Case Study: Increasing Hydrogenerator Output and Efficiency

Case Study: Increasing Hydrogenerator Output and Efficiency


  • 50% increase in output capacity with fixed slot size
  • Expectation for a very long service life.


  • Greater profitability
  • Used existing generator frame
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Extended asset life

It is a pleasure to work with industry experts such as Sidewinders LLC, who offer exceptional levels of quality with a focus on customer service. The culture of integrity and honesty they maintain with suppliers and customers has afforded Sidewinders a fantastic reputation as a trusted, high-quality, and value-leading partner in the aftermarket hydro repair industry around the world.

James Stevens – Global Sales and Marketing Director – Preformed Windings Ltd


The end user requested an increase in the capacity of their hydrogenerator from 12,000 kVA to 17,600 kVA, while improving the efficiency of the machine, reducing maintenance requirements, and extending the life of the asset.


Sidewinders LLC, the service provider, worked closely and collaboratively with Preformed Windings Ltd, the coil manufacturer, leveraging the hundreds of years of combined experience of the two organizations. Using a state-of-the-art CAD system and manufacturing techniques, along with the latest insulation technologies, a coil design and rewind specification suitable for the increased demand of the machine was agreed. The machine was rewound and upgraded using superior quality “QualCoil Life” coils that ensure the lowest partial Discharge (PD) levels, and the rewound machine was supplied with a warranty of 10 years on both Sidewinders’ workmanship and Preformed’s coils.


  • Increased Capacity—An increase in output of nearly 50%, while utilizing the existing generator frame
  • Lowest Partial Discharge—Reduced partial discharge levels, resulting in an extended asset life and reduced maintenance requirements
  • Long Warranty—Peace of mind with a 10-year warranty on the coils and workmanship

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