Electric Motor Winder

Electric Motor Winder

Sidewinders LLC has a great opportunity for an experienced technician with a proven, successful track record working with electrical rotating equipment. The ideal candidate will have a strong engineering background, with demonstrable experience with AC and DC motors, random and form-wound stators, rotors, armatures, and fields.

The Sidewinders motor shop, in Magna, Utah, is an EASA-accredited outfit, supplying high-quality, industry-leading repairs to OEMs, local end users, municipalities, and authorities throughout Utah and the West.


  • Take and record detailed, accurate winding data.
  • Operate an automatic coil winding machine to produce both AC random wound and DC field/armature coils from engineering drawings and or your own taken data.
  • Repair and rewind various types of rotating equipment including, but not limited to, single- and three-phase motors, alternators and generators, DC fields, armatures, and wound rotors.
  • Operate specialized repair and testing equipment including no-load test panel, core loss tester, static winding analyzer, cut off saws, burn and bake out ovens, VPI system, and various other handheld testing equipment and tooling. (Necessary training will be provided as required)
  • Perform various electrical testing throughout the winding process to troubleshoot and/or diagnose potential problems.
  • Accurately measure and record mechanical dimensions using precision equipment such as micrometers and Vernier calipers to assess tolerance conformity
  • Produce high-quality and consistent workmanship on all work performed in both a workshop and field environment.
  • Adhere to industry procedures, standards, and product specifications.
  • Produce detailed reports and document all findings, faults, and required repairs.
  • Ensure that all EASA and industry standards are processes are complied with on every task undertaken
  • Keep work area clean, organized, and tidy.


  • Minimum of 5 years’ demonstrable experience in a similar electromechanical motor shop environment
  • Knowledge of both AC and DC motor winding is essential
  • Previous demonstrable experience working with all types of electrical rotating equipment including, single- and three-phase motors, alternators and generators, DC fields, armatures, and wound rotors.
  • Previous field service knowledge and experience is desirable.
  • Previous demonstrable experience in all brazing and soldering tasks.

Skills and Qualities

  • Be dependable, flexible, and trustworthy
  • Be motivated and proactive
  • Demonstrate a good level of verbal and written communication skills and mathematic understanding
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Able to work self-directed, under pressure, and to tight deadlines
  • Strong team member and also able to work alone efficiently
  • Knowledge of health and safety requirements
  • Competent in rigging and lifting techniques
  • Valid driver’s license

Sidewinders offers competitive wages, health, dental, and vision coverage, paid time off, and a 401K plan.
Send your resume to [email protected]. phone calls (801) 365-2800.

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